Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Fun Mail Art Call

Today when I visited my P.O. Box I found the first three contributions to the Summer Fun Mail Art Call!

 Stonezebra shares her summer fun with this post card. It even has some mini letters to me!

Kimi was hangin' with the sea lions

Cathy Thompson's idea of summer fun has to do with sand and surf.

Please share your summer fun with us. Here is how:
Mail Art Call

"What I did this Summer".

Any size post card or envie

Deadline: September 5, 2011

Design a piece (or pieces) of mail art illustrating your summer fun and send it to me at:

Elle Mental

POB 535

Waxhaw, N.C.


All mail art for this call should be marked with "Summer Fun" somewhere on the piece so I will know it is for the mail art call. All contributions will be scanned and posted to the blog with credit to the mail artist and then archived on a static page collection on the sidebar. I will send a summer fun mail art piece of my making to each contributor. There will also be documentation sent to all contributors at the end of the call so please, put your mailing address on the mail art piece so I can put it in the documentation.

All rights remain with the artist, but submitting something titled "Summer Fun", will automatically permit me to post images of your artwork to my blog and any other promotions I may do for the mail art call . Each piece will be credited to the artist who sent it so make sure your put your name or moniker on your contribution.
I am looking forward to seeing your contributions and sharing in your summer fun!
Please feel free to post this mail art call in its entirety to your blog or mention it on your blog linking to
See you in the mail!


  1. I got a letter from Cathy T today too...and it looked very much like yours! I think that's cool!

  2. Cathy T thanks both you ladies and had much fun doing those , glad you both enjoyed them .