Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Lovely Morning and the Outgoing Mail

Tagg taking advantage of the open door.

  This morning I am enjoying a respite from the relentless heat of the past few weeks. Nothing has phased the smothering heat/humidity combination, not even the uncharacteristic daily rain that we have received. The rain just succeeded in adding to the swelter.  I was out this morning taking Tagg on his morning constitution when I felt a difference in the air, it was fresh and tangy, easy to take into the lungs. The "cut it with a knife", cloying humidity and oppressive heat heat had taken a morning off! So, in celebration of the moment,  I took my coffee to the family room, flung the back door wide and enjoyed the light breeze and fresh air while I prepared the photos for this blog entry.

The vegetable garden as viewed from the deck.
The gardens have had no complaints about the weather,
normally our summers are very hot and dry, no rain from June to August, except for an occasional downpour during a thunderstorm. So our gardens have to be watered. Our French Intensive raised beds have a deep mulch and 20+ years of compost to aid in water retention, but once the really hot dry weather is underway watering is inevitable. Not so this summer! I haven't had to drag the hose around the yard once. It has rained like clockwork every evening for an hour or two, that combined with the heat make for very happy plants, (and grass....), so I am taking my que from the gardens and trying to consider this weather a blessing.

Since so many of us are in and out of each others blogs, like good friends are in and out of each others houses, I have been waiting to post the photos of outgoing mail until the recipients have had a chance to receive it. That way it is still a surprise when my pen friends find my mail to them in the mailbox. So from now on I will be doing a monthly outgoing mail post, but I will try to post the incoming mail as soon as it comes in. Here is some of the outgoing mail from July, (I did  a no brainer and mailed the rest without taking pics first, again. Sorry).

  I will be posting the incoming mail tomorrow as well as the Mail Art call that I mentioned in my last post. For today, I am going to turn my attention to the lovely day and try to make the most of it. I hope that you are all getting a break from the heat and find snail mail  happiness in your mailbox! Until tomorrow, I'll see you in the mail!


  1. Thanks! I have carved a couple Bogart and Bacall stamps. I love those old movies...