Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mail is a Gift

Recently I have been gifted with some really wonderful mail. The blue berd of happiness has visited my p.o. box from Texas where my dear pen friend Limner lives. Limner's signature blue "berd" never fails to bring a smile to my face. Her art and her letters are frequent visitors to my mail box and I always feel like it's my birthday when I see something in the mail from her. She just has a way of making me feel special. Thank you Limner, for your generosity and for knowing just when I need a fix from Texas!

Sirpa Roos my talented and generous pen friend from Finland shared her vacation to Gran Canaria with me by sending me sand from the gigantic sand dunes there. She actually made a second trip back to the dunes to collect sand for me! On the bag of sand was a photo of Sirpa on the dunes, which was a great idea and really connected me with her experience!  Accompanying the sand was a lovely watercolor painting of eggs and nest that Sirpa painted. It evokes such a sense of peace.... just beautiful! Thank you Sirpa!

In case you are wondering why Sirpa was sending me sand... I have been collecting sand for many years. I have it from a variety of places around the world. I always collect sand from the beaches I go to and even though I only take a modest amount of sand, I usually have enough sand to share. If you have a trip planned to the beach, or like me, have a sand collection, I would be delighted to trade sands with you! If you send me a couple of tablespoons of sand for my collection I will gladly share something from I have collected from my travels... How about sand from the 16 story sand dunes at Jockeys Ridge, North Carolina, (a few miles from Kitty Hawk where Orville and Wlibur conducted their flight experiments), or maybe some sand from the black sand beach at Playa Tarcoles in Costa Rica? If you do send me sand, please label it so that I know what beach it came from. I would also love to hear about the your trip to the beach!

I hope that you are having a lovely day! See you in the mail!