Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hi it is me again! Unfortunately I am still not blogging or letter writing with any regularity, but I think I am closer to being back on my feet than I have been in quite some time. My husband and I continue to eat vegan/raw and we have both improved quite a bit. I am walking 15-20 miles a week, I have lost 30 pounds (not all of which I meant to lose... I thought I only needed to lose about 15 lbs. but I guess my body had different ideas), and my energy and overall health have improved greatly. Now I just need to get my groove back..
I look at my letter writing things and I just don't feel like I have anything to talk about... I stare at a blank page or write something and it sounds so stilted and contrived that I bunch it up and throw it away. I have writers block... actually it is a creative block. Every time I try to start a project, even a small one to try to resurrect my creative self it leaves me cold. Could the last year really have killed my ability to create, to write, to converse with my dear pen friends? Has that part of my life slipped away, never to return? I am beginning to fear that it has. I so much want to be myself again, to be full of ideas and wishing for more time to devote to my passion for letter writing, art and blogging, but I feel dead inside.
  Has anyone else ever felt this way and recovered? What do you do for creative burnout and writers block? I would love to hear your thoughts.