Thursday, August 18, 2011

Incoming Mail

I have received some wonderful mail so far in the month of August. I am constantly amazed by the talent and generosity of my pen friends. Thank you all for lifting my heart and blessing me with joy in my mailbox!

A beautiful puzzle letter from Ahmet in Turkey. Ahmet has done many of these incredible puzzle letters and I am happy to say I possess several of them!

A letter stuffed with goodies, including another kind of puzzle, from Bev in California

Monique in Canada sent me this wonderful postal themed artwork by the artist Will Van Veen. I just love it, thank you so much!
What a novel idea and so cleverly done! I can see why you really like his work Monique!

A colorful and intricate post card from Chandlerguera in Arizona.

Wanda in British Columbia, sent me a charming letter, post card, a panoramic view some of her countryside, and some Bleeding Heart seeds. I adore Bleeding Hearts, I will start the seeds and set the seedlings out in my little frog pond garden. It is nice and shady and moist there. 

Super Hero sent me an invitation to a Zombie mailart call, along with some of his Zombie artworks, as well as a mail art call for "The Internet" What kind of role does the internet play in your life. Anyone interested in participating in his Mail Art Calls? If so, e-mail  me and I'll give you info.

Misty in Ohio sent me this envie with a letter and some lovely oriental post cards

Valentine in France sent me this fun take on royalty.

Letters from Angelia in Illinois and James in South Carolina

A Mutant Banana postcard from Cara in New Jersey. Cara is a member of  IUOMA
 (Internation Union of Mail Artists). If you have never been to the IUOMA site, you have a treat in store! There are many, many mail artists from all over the world, who post there and are willing to send mail to other postal enthusiasts. Check them out at:


Wanda sent me a note with and envie full of butterflies to cheer my day.

Limner in Texas, sent me this beautiful photo note card of one of her original photographs. It is so delicate and colorful, it really brightens my day just to look at it!

A a cheerful and newsy letter from Kimi in California. Below is a virtual gallery of lovely postcards from her summer adventures.

Well, I believe that I am now caught up on my backlog of Incoming mail photos! I hope that you enjoyed them, I know I sure have! Until next time, I'll see you in the mail!  Oh... and By the way... Don't forget about the Summer fun Mail Art Call! If you have questions  please comment me and I will get right back with you.


  1. Wow, lots of awesome mail, lucky you. I especially love the puzzle letter!!!
    Thank you so much for your letter. I love it!!! I'll send you a reply soon!

  2. Hi you will be happy to know that I have entered your mail call for mail art for the summer fun theme. I love all this beautiful mail you get .

  3. Hi Elle, great stack of mail! I sent my summer fun today...


  4. Wow, I'm impressed by the puzzle letter! What a great idea... Your friend is very talented!