Tuesday, August 23, 2011


  Wow, I was just looking up some info about the Elenin "comet" and its affect on the earth's electromagnetic/tectonic field when I felt the floor shift and saw the walls shake and the ceiling fan sway... We felt the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Richmond Virginia just before 2 p.m. today... did anyone else feel it? Mim I hope you're OK and Patty I know your live around there too is everything ok? Troy in Colorado, I know that there was a pretty big one in Colorado yesterday, did you feel it in Holyoke?Please let us know that you're all ok!
 Oh, yeah... we are also looking at a Cat 4 hurricane to hit NC by the weekend, we're probably OK here in Waxhaw, just high winds and rain (I hope... after Hurricane Hugo, circa 1989, hurricane is a bad word in this house...) but the coastline is in for a real blow...
  For now, we are making sure we have extra water and food, checking battery and candle stocks and hoping the whole mess goes out to sea!
     Battoning down the hatches in North Carolina and hoping to see you in the mail!                                                      


  1. We never felt a thing. Of course, the Colorado quake is over 300 miles from here.

  2. My area of Virginia is 60 miles from Richmond and we felt the earthquake big time! Not a good feeling...now we are preparing for Irene. The prediction for us is that we are to received at least 7.35 inches of rain just on Sunday, in addition to winds and water surges :< ~~Linda in Callao,VA

  3. Troy, I am glad that you didn't have any issues... We are 350 miles from Richmond Virginia and it still shook the house until I could see the wall bow and the ceiling fan was swinging like it was on!

  4. Linda, Glad you are ok! Please take care of yourselves and let us know that you are OK after the storm. You will be in our prayers. Our job for the next couple of days is to prepare for the possibility that the hurricane will reach us. In 1989 everyone said that there is no way that we could get hit by the full force of a hurricane 180 mile inland...that was until Hurricane Hugo made land at Charleston, SC and came inland.We were hit by a CAT 4 storm at midnight with only hours of warning that it was going to get to us... we lost all but the front 3 walls of our house, most of the trees on our land and spent 6 years rebuilding since insurance didn't cover much of the damage done to the house. I hate hurricane season...

  5. Wow, Elle. My first thoughts were of everyone I know in the areas. I have relatives and friends on both coasts. Reading your descriptions of the wall bowing and the ceiling fan moving, I thought "awesome!" The miracle is no one was lost. Buildings can be rebuilt, but people cannot be replaced.

    I have lived across America, yet have never experienced an earthquake. I don't think I want to. I only imagine that I do.

    Praying for the well-being and safety of everyone. Thanks for letting us know you are okay.

    Linda! Glad you and yours are okay. That had to be beyond frightening. Now you must take care for the after shocks. Please keep us posted. Be safe!

  6. We definitely felt that earthquake in Delaware! After living on the west coast for most of my life and never experiencing a "big" one, it was very strange to get one over here! My house was shaking and the chandelier was swinging.
    I hope you and yours stay safe, and that hurricane stays away!

  7. Yep everyone batten down the hatches and get preparred and pray Irene goes out to sea not touching anyone . I will keep all of you in my prayers .

  8. Just discovered your blog and wanted to just add my thoughts to everyone, hope all are ok.