Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Very Happy Mailbox_ Incoming Mail

I have had some wonderful mail days recently! I have gotten mail from many of my regular pen friends and have had some new pen friends write as well. What a blessing! I have been working my way through the pile of letters to writing returns, and as usual, I mailed a bunch out without photographing them. Sigh... But I did get some photos of the last round of letters I wrote. I will post them after I post the incoming mail. So here we go!
Post cards from Susanna, Pamela, Super Hero, Bev, Sharon, Patty, Post Muse, Mim

The front of a very intricate and fun card that Limner sent me.

The back of Limner's card. There was a teabag attached as well, but I used it! Thanks Limner! I love tea!

A really cool envie made from a nautical map (nautical map made of Tyvek, what a wonderful idea...waterproof and virtually indestructable!). Linda is a new penfriend and finding her letter in my mailbox was a very pleasant surprise. She also enclosed a packet of goodies to use on my mailart!

A post card from Genevieve, a letter from Angelia, the letter from Kimi has vintage postage on it.

I recieved a letter and this postcard from Pen Thief. The post card was quilted by her mother... it was very nice of her to share her mother's talents with me... Thanks to both of you!

Wanda sent a lovely letter and some of her photographs. Isn't the hummingbird photo awesome!

A nice note from Bev and a vintage seal and send from my new pen friend Eunice.

A card from my new pen friend Chris. The photgraph is by Chris, isn't it beautiful?

 This letter full of mailart goodness is from my pen friend in Finland. She and I are both fans of Marjolien Bastin, she sent me two great MB cards to add to my collection. I adore the pink gingham check on the inside of the envie!

Sirpa's letter was charming as usual, but this one was especially so since she decorated it with watercolor paintings of her new kitten Sissi. She is very talented!

Sirpa also shared her garedn with me through a really fun garden journal.

There were many pages of colorful photos and descriptions of her gardens... It sounds so beautiful! I wish I could see it in person!

  Wow, I am just amazed by all the wonderful mail I've gotten! I was going to post it all in this post but I think I will post the rest in my next blog entry since this one is getting kind of long.
  It is really great to be connected with so many lovely and generous people. I am constantly amazed by the interesting and creative people I have come to know through the mail. Thanks to all for making my mail box a happy place to visit! Until next time I'll see you in the mail!  Elle



  1. Oh how many beautiful things you have received!!
    It's nice to see also my letter in your blog. :) I loved to make it for you and I'm glad to see you liked it. Hugs!

  2. Pretty pics I love to see all the beautiful letters you have received.

  3. Beautiful mail! Thanks for showing my bluebonnets. :) I'm lucky enough to know Chris too! She's a sweetheart and isn't her photography wonderful? Love the watercolor cat letter too! Wow, that's impressive. Can't wait to see the rest.


  4. Such delicious creative mail! Delighted to hear you liked my efforts also. Oh, that nautical map made me salivate. :) Thanks for having tea with me.

  5. Elle, great mail and thanks for sharing all the wonderful post cards.


  6. I too love to send/receive letters/cards, but here in Canada it can become quite costly to send mail, thus I have to be content with snail mail only here and there. Did enjoy looking at your beautiful mail, though. Thanks!