Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Forth of July!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a good holiday. We went to our small town parade this morning...I love all the cub scout troops, vets from foreign wars, horses and vintage is the one thing about life in our little community that hasn't changed....
  Tonight there will be fireworks in a large clearing across from the post office and everyone will set out camp chairs and coolers, kids will run around like wild indians, catching lightening bugs and waving sparklers until the fireworks start. Then every eye will be on the sky, oo's and ah's will abound. I love to forth of July! Since there is no hope of a good mail day today, since the PO is closed I thought I would send you all a little note saying "Happy Fourth of July"! Now I'm off to get a cheese burger. See you in the mail!

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  1. Happy 4th of July to you too!