Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Incoming and Outgoing Mail October 2011

Here is some of my outgoing mail for October. I am posting the photos of my First Day of Issue for my new artistamp, now that I am pretty sure everyone has gotten theirs. I hope that you have all received yours!

This is the postcard I made to celebrate my new artistamp.

This is the stack of postcards ready to go in the mail.

         Outgoing handmade envies and a watercolor butterfly postcard.

There was much more mail that went out, but I was so far behind that I just mailed them when I did them instead of waiting until I could get them photographed. I hopefully won't get so far behind in the future...

Incoming Mail

Lots of postal fun from: Janine in Switzerland, Cathy in Ohio, and Chris and Marion both in Pennsylvania.

A festive "doodled" envie and nice letter from Misty in Ohio

Mail from my Canadian pen friends Wanda and Monique

Butterfly lovliness from Kimi in California and Courtney in Australia

Rusty in Oklahoma, sent me this beautiful hand drawn card wishing me blessings on the first of our fall feasts, Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) also known as Rosh Hashanna. This was quite a nice surprise Rusty... it was as sweet to my heart as apples and honey are to the taste!

This journal came from the talented hands of Limner, who resides in the Texas. It was a very nice treat to find in my mailbox and one that was put to use almost immediately as my new postal journal!

       Next was a mysterious cylinder with my name on it... also from Limner. I played the "guess what it is" game for a couple hours before I allowed myself to open it. I couldn't have possibly guessed how beautiful and unique the contents would be, but below you will see the surprise contents of the package.

Inside were several pages of hand crafted mail related goodies that Limner designed, as well as some vintage images on sheets of paper for clipping out and using in future mail creations. I would have posted them as well, but the time they spent in the tube made them uncooperative for having their photos taken. They kept rolling away! Anyway, I feel very blessed to have received so many beautiful things from the generous and thoughtful Limner!

Sirpa in Finland, sent me this beautiful watercolor festooned envie with a letter that was also decorated with her lovely artwork. Sirpa has such a gift with watercolors, pen and ink. I am always amazed by her mail art! Included in the envelope was a Marjolein Bastin note card to add to the collection I have received from Sirpa in the past.

In both the envelope and the letter, the watercolor is done as a continuation of a photograph. She extends the detail of the photo out past the edges of her photos with paints. What a clever idea, you never cease to amaze me Sirpa! Thank you so much!

I have also received letters from Troy in Colorado, Donavan in Maryland, Angelia in Illinois and Tom in Missouri.Thanks to everyone who takes the time from their busy lives to share some of themselves with me!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful artistamp card! I really like it!. Thank you also for your nice words recarding my letter! It's great to see it here inyour blog.

  2. It's beautiful! A highlight in my collection!

  3. After being out of town for several weeks, I was delighted to find your lovely artistamp card in my stack of mail when I returned home. Love, Love, Love it!! I'm thrilled to be on your LIST :> Thank you for being so generous with your artistic talent.

  4. yay, I got one of your artistamp too. Sorry that my replying is sooo slow.