Friday, October 21, 2011

Decorated or not, a Letter is a Treasure

  I receive many letters that are from people whose interest is solely in letter writing. I usually don't photograph them since I blur out the addresses to respect their privacy and that doesn't leave much to show in a photograph.  But I want to say that receiving their letters is every bit as much a delight to me and is cherished as much as the artsy ones I receive.
   I am fortunate to receive letters from so many interesting and talented people, who each express themselves through the sending of letters. Some use artistic embellishment as an extension of their letter writing, for others it is calligraphy or beautiful penmanship, there are those who can turn a beautiful phrase or paint a vivid picture with words, many write to share a smile and a kind word to brighten my day, still others who write me are story tellers who beguile me with a yarn well spun. I receive letters from all kinds of people: artists, history buffs, teachers, students, nurses, thinkers and readers, poets, musicians, atheletes, moms and dads and more. I correspond with people of all ages, from those who are a good deal younger than myself to others that are older. Some people write from places far away, in lands very different from my own. These people write to me in English, when it is not thier native tongue. This is a constant source of joy and amazement to me, since I know how hard it is to speak a second language, much less write in it!! Even with all the diversity in the people who write me, I have found that all of my pen friends have certain things in common; without exception, each is generous and kind, thoughtful and insightful. I am richer for knowing each person who writes me and I feel privileged, humbled and blessed to have them in my life!


  1. Agreed!! I think I will share this post on the blog today. Because it is something that people ask me a lot. And you worded it so very well!!

  2. I agree too:) The decorations are the adjustment if someone likes making them. What counts is a letter itself:)

  3. i agree with you .....

    grt Roos (a newbie at letter-blog)

  4. Yeah! I totally agree! What is important is how the writer presents the content of the letter.