Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Columbus Day... No Postal Service

Well, I told everyone that I was doing my mail art mail out on Monday, but  I took my stack of goodies into the post office to mail them and was greeted by a locked door. I forgot that Columbus Day was a federal holiday ...sigh! So I wasn't able to mail the post cards yesterday. I won't be out again until tomorrow, so I will mail them on Wednesday. I hope everyone is having a good mail day. See you in the mail!

***They are now in the mail!*** Finally! (As of Today Wednesday, October 12, 2011)


  1. I forgot that to, was so saddened not to get my mail, had to wait two days instead of only having to wait one day. And i didn't even catch up with my mail pile! LOL!

  2. Gosh, goodness, and gee! I'm learning that most people fall behind. I feel better every time I hear it. :) Sorry, but you make me feel normal, not so much like the overachiever, perfectionist I usually strive to be. I like how you laughed it off. I tend to fret and beat myself up, until recently, after a sweet letter from another letter-writer who falls behind. She gave me some great advice, yet I schlepped a big bag of mail to a postal store AND used the kiosk at our postoffice. Now I can laugh at how silly that was. Thanks!

  3. When I am mailing out a First Day of Issue I like the official cancellation to be the same date as the cancellation I print for my artistamp. So when I realized the post office was closed and I couldn't get them hand cancelled (or cancelled at all with the corresponding date...:/)I was pretty disappointed. But,I decided that y'all are all really good people and I am pretty sure you won't hold it against me if the dates don't match. Having caring people on my mailing list makes it so much easier to laugh it off when things don't go as planned! :)

  4. Elle,

    I received the First Day issue today and it really cheered up my post office box! It had been empty for a few days. Thank you so much!!!


  5. I get very sad by no mail days. Though I know the postal workers are enjoying it. I wish I could send them special mail on days off.