Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still Sick...

Hi all! I thought there for a moment that I was getting better, but unfortunately I am down for the count again. I spent what time I was awake this week writing letters to those who's letters have been languishing in a stack next to the bed. I promise that all precautions were observed... hands washed, lemon essential oil applied, and no coughing on the paper... but I can't guarantee that you won't receive a letter full of the ramblings of a fevered mind.  If you receive a somewhat odd or uncharacteristic letter, please forgive me... it is the effort that counts... Right? :)

  I hope that this note finds you well and that you are enjoying your weekend! See you in the mail! Elle


  1. Oh come on! The letters of a fevered and rambling mind are the most interesting ones.

    You know the kind of letters that start out about your day and end up with that trip to Jupiter last summer and that time in France during WWII when you were behind enemy lines and then there was that time in band camp..

    1. I just found this comment Derrick, I apologize for the amount of time that has passed... Your comment made me laugh.It has been almost a year since your comment, and I am sick again... What is it about Jan/Feb and sickness? Anyway, I made this kickin' herbal remedy using Dried Echinacea leaf, 190 proof grain alcohol and honey, I have taken a trip or two to Jupiter and I think I left my rifle in a foxhole somewhere....