Thursday, February 23, 2012

Incoming Mail

Well, I think I have survived the illness that kept me down for almost a month! I am now back to the business of writing letters and getting caught up on blog posts. So here are some of the things I have received and not posted.
This card with a special cancellation was sent to me by Kimi in California

Post cards and note cards from Ellie VG in the UK, Kimi in Ca., Tom in Mo., and Eunice in Wales

Limner in Texas has been very creative and generous to me with mail. She made sure there was mail in my POB waiting for me upon my return from Costa Rica. Thanks Limner!
Wanda in British Columbia sent me this letter packed with good news and stories!

Monique in Ontario sent me snowy mail to brighten my day.
Pen Thief in Ohio sent a nice, newsy letter and a splash of color.
Linda in Virginia sent me a great letter and some wonderful ephemera. I adore S&H Green Stamps!

Super Hero sent me an invitation to participate in a couple of different mail projects and a really cool post card!
While I was in Costa Rica I received mail from two new pen friends, James in the Philippines and Impeccable=M in California
Ahmet in Turkey sent me one of his lovely and unique Puzzle Letters.
Ahmet also sent me several sheets of my artistamps that he reproduced for his mail art project Puzzleposta. Thank you so much Ahmet they are awesome!! What a generous gift and such a surprise!
Then last but certainly not least, Ahmet sent me this wonderful 2012 calendar featuring one of his many beautiful puzzle letters. 

It never ceases to amaze me how blessed I am to have such generous, interesting and talented pen friends. My life is much richer for all of you! Thanks so much!


  1. So good that you feel better now!
    You seem to have received really wonderful mail. The puzzle letter is gorgeous!

  2. Glad you're back, up and at 'em! That's some kinda lovely mail you have. :) Happy you stopped in Puerto Rico on your way back to wellness. ;)

    Take it easy. ((elle))

  3. You are so welcome, Elle. :) Ahmet's work is lovely. Quite nice. Amazing. A wanna-have. :)