Monday, January 9, 2012

We are Home!

Hi everyone! After six lovely weeks of travel, hiking, & visiting, we are finally home. We were delivered safely to our door by our son a few minutes ago and now I am going to go to bed...I am beat. I will post again soon with some final stories from Costa Rica and then I will be trying to get mail out to my pen friends in a day or two. It is good to be home! See you in the mail very soon!!


  1. Yay! Safe and sound! WELCOME HOME, ELLE! I forgot to rent the band. Sorry. :( Wish I could vacate for 6 weeks, and have as much fun. Re-acclimate, rest up, get things in order, and . . . Do whatever you want. :) Glad you're back.

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    1. Hi Bev! Thanks for the welcome home! I am hoping to get some things off in the mail soon... Hugs and best wishes! See you soon!

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    1. Hi There Kimi!! Thanks so much for the lovely letter and other mail. I am glad that you got to go on a trip for the holidays! I really appreciate that you thought of me while you were traveling! I will be writing soon to properly thank you for all the mail. Hugs for now!

  4. Knock, knock. Anyone home? Hey, girl. I came by with this here basket of goodies in case you haven't had time to cook. Just some chowder, cornbread, and a chocolate cake. Sorry, but I drank the wine.

    Gonna leave it right here by the door. Hope you are well. Not rushing you or anything. Had to say hey is all. :)

    Be well.

    1. Hey Limner! Thanks so much for the goodie basket!! How did you know I love chocolate cake? When I returned home from Costa Rica and checked my mail box it was stuffed to the gills... and at least three of the pieces of mail were from you! Thank you so much for making sure I had mail to savor when I got home. I am so blessed... My mail friends are the best! Hugs to you and maybe some day we can share the wine... :)

  5. Thanks to all for the great welcome home!! It has been a little crazy since we've returned but I do have hopes of sitting with pen and paper to write letters soon. I have a blog post almost ready, well...actually that is being optimistic... I have the photos ready, I still have to write the post. Anyway hopefully soon things will settled down some. I hope everyone is well and having wonderful mail days. See you soon!