Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post Crossings

Wow!! This is pretty awesome! I just read that Postcrossings has just registered its 10,000,000th post card.  What an accomplishment! What a happy thought... 10,000,000 post cards hand addressed, stamped, and mailed all over the world; bringing to each recipient a smile and a memory to cherish. Congratulations Postcrossings!


  1. I do love postcrossing! I placed my own little bet but was nowhere near the actual time! :)

  2. It will be interesting to see if it continues to grow at that rate now that int'l postage is up to $1.05 a card.

    1. For real! I stopped using Postcrossings some time ago because most of the people I mailed to were interested in "one offs" instead of correspondence. I liked the idea of getting mail from all over the world, and postcrossings is great for that. But since the price of international postage is the same for mailing a post card as a letter,I would rather spend my money on mail that was building relationships with people all over the world by writing letters,rather than receiving a post card from someone who is not interested in penpals. I do enjoy Postcrossings, but finances dictate that I get the most for my postage allowance :)

  3. For real. My guess was so far off it's embarrassing. LOL. Should have known it would be sooner than later; otherwise they wouldn't have asked us to guess. :)

    Thanks for letting us know. I, for one, had no idea the goal had been met.

    Be well.

  4. Hi Elle, What an accomplishment for PC! I have not been involved, but love to check in at PC. Thanks for letting us know...