Monday, June 20, 2011

I Did it Again...

I mailed a stack of letters and mail art without photographing them... I am beginning to make a habit of that...sigh. Well, since I don't have my outgoing mail photos to post, I will post a photo of a vase flowers I cut from the garden instead. I hope that everyone is enjoying a good mail day!


  1. Try not to feel bad. I mailed my stack today and left 7 postcards on my bed. When it was my turn, the postal clerk irked me. I had to cut away all the nice string tied around my pretty package. The wax seal went with. Then I learned no more mail is being allowed into Canada. The Canadian postal service sent the requests around the world.

    Seems they're up to their ears in undelivered mail. Does that mean they aren't getting paid now?

    I forgot to photograph my outgoing mail, too. I remembered to scan the letters.

    I hope your day went well.

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  3. Limner,
    So sorry...Sounds like you needed something nice in your mail box to make up for the disappointment at the post office :) I am perplexed by the whole Canada can anyone in good conscience interfere with the mail? But I really don't know too much about it so I guess there are probably reasons... anyway, I hope your next trip to the post office is a happier one!