Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home Again!

I am home safe and sound from Costa Rica. I started getting sick my last day or two there with a kidney infection and haven't really felt well enough to post since returning to the States. But I have been thinking about what stories I might tell and getting photos ready to go into my post .
  It was a lovely time away with my husband and it was great getting to see my dear friends down there. We tried to make sure we visited our old haunts and saw some new places as well. Those stories are for another time... for now "hi" to everyone! I will begin catching up on my mail outs and blogging once I get the gardens back under control.
Blackberries from our garden
It seems impossible that things could grow so much in just a few weeks! I had a beautiful and delicious surprise waiting for me when I walked through the garden my first time... my blackberries are hanging thick on the brambles, ripe and juicy... I grazed on some with relish while walking around checking out the gardens. There is much work to be done and I am still feeling under the weather, but I do intend to get something posted in a day or two. Until then... I hope that everyone is having a good mail day and enjoying the outdoors!


  1. Welcome back! Feel better soon. And those blackberries look amazing.

  2. Hi Elle and welcome home! The blackberries look wonderful and allI can think of is pies...

    Look forward to reading about your trip.

    Hope you are 100% SOON.


  3. Those look delicious!!! Ours never get to be that big..the birds always seem to get to them first. Glad to hear that you had a great trip, though hoping you get to feeling better soon! =)

  4. I think blackberries are medicine for the body and the soul!

  5. @all: Yes, the blackberries are huge and so-o tasty. I have been eating them everyday on my granola, and having a kefir Lassi with blackberris and mango, I leave a bowl out to snack on, but as many as my family and I can manage to eat, it still isn't making a dent in what I am picking. I am sharing bunches and freezing the rest since blackberries don't keep very long. By freezing them, we will have lovely delectable blackberries well into the cold weather to remind us of warm sunny days and give us a nice c boost in our smoothies!