Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Update on Tagg's Condition

Tagg is doing much, much better! It has taken awhile, but he is now able to walk without limping, can get around on his own and on a good day can even run a little bit. Unfortunately, I don't think he will ever be back to the way he was, but I am very happy for the improvements he has made! He has had to learn new ways to play, since much of his previous play had to do with playing chase and tag, running from room to room, and tugging rope, (which he doesn't have the balance for any more). He has been quite inventive, making up little games like "where's the puppy", (the hides under his blanket and wags his tail until I "find" him, then he shakes the blanket, crawls under it again and wags his tail, waiting to be found. He is still a puppy at heart, even though his body would tell him differently. He brings laughter and joy to our household and I am very grateful for his renewed strength and the possibility for quality of life


  1. I'm glad to hear Tagg is doing better. That is such a cute picture of him!

  2. Thank you! We are very happy to see him doing better! He is such a good pup...

  3. Good for Tagg. :) I empathize.

    Thanks for the update. He looks the way I feel some days: Hopefully optimistic and dependent. :D

    1. Thanks Limner! He is always full of hope and determination, optimistic and dear... He is an inspiration to me :)