Friday, December 30, 2011

Spending New Years at Casitas Tenorio

A Mot-Mot came for an early morning visit.
   As I post this I am sitting on the front porch of our cabina at Centro Turistic outside of Tilaran Costa Rica. The wind is blowing so hard it is forming white caps on my coffee... I love the wind! Today is beautiful with the sun shining, birds singing and a Mot-Mot coming to visit me in front of the cabina... Perfect!
  We are leaving this morning for Casitas Tenorio, which is in the rain forest on the side of Volcan Tenorio. I am really looking forward to our time there. Of course as usual, something happens to make you think you aren't going to get to go... this morning it was the door on the van falling off... my husband was packing our things for the trip and went to open the sliding door on the side of the van when it fell off the hinges...Yikes! Fortunately our friend Rachin, a mechanic extrordinare and owner of the van we are renting, was able to help my husband get the van road worthy again. So we are off as soon as I pack up the computer and take one last spin around the grounds here at Centro is so beautiful here.
  In case you want to learn more about Casitas Tenorio I will leave you a link you can follow and of course in a day or two there will be a post about what we have been doing while perching on the side of a volcano!  Until next time... Pura Vida!!


  1. Hey, Elle. I spent hours making a postcard for you. I asked questions about those spiders mentioned in a previous post. I cut up my copy of Saveur Magazine, all because it has photos, recipes and an article about Puerto Rico. I want to go there some day soon. It wasn't until last night, when I was reading your latest post . . . Let me say this: I got my Ricos all messed up. Please pretend not to notice all that when you get it, okay? Pride and dignity are two of the last things to go when you're an arm chair traveler. :) Okay, okay, I have no pride.

    I am still brave though. I doubt I am brave enough to trip the rim of a volcano, so I will stick to licking the salt from the rim of someone else's margaritas as I ooh and ahh over your photos, and look forward to tomorrow's. Write on, Elle.

  2. As a birder, I'm thrilled to see all your pictures of the marvelous birds and the fact that you know their names :> As for the beaches, any sea glass laying around there?? Keep the posts coming; I enjoy everything you share!! ~~Linda

  3. What a wonderful bird picture again!
    Enjoy your time in Casitas Tenorio! I'm waiting for the pictures you'll publish from there.
    Happy New Year! Hugs!

  4. Limner, Thank you so much for all your efforts...I promise to be extremely grateful and never notice... I would put a smiley emoticon but I am typing on a Spanish keyboard in an internet cafe, long story... but for the life of me I can't find the punctuation keys for some things. I hope that you have a wonderful turning of the New Year! Blessings to you and yours and best wishes for the New Year. We will be spending the evening with the owners of Casitas Tenorio and their friends who have just arrived from Australia. We will be celebrating in the cool evneing breezes and mist of the rain forest...ah.... what a way to bring in the new year! Love Ya Girl!

  5. Linda,
    I hope that you and yours have a wonderful New Year and that you are blessed with peace joy and a mailbow that is never without mail!
    The beaches of Costa Rica are amazingly clean and glass is hard come by here so people don't waste it by throwing it in the unfortunately there is no sea glass... sorry.
    I have been very happy to see some birds that I didn't have on our farm when we lived I have been like a kid in a candy store! In my next post I have a new bird to show off and a really nice story to go with it... so stay tuned!

  6. Sirpa, Happy New Year and blessing to you and your family!! I hope you are all well and enjoying time together.
    My next post will have some really nice photos of Casitas Tenorio and and some amazing bird photos! See you next time! Hugs from Costa Rica!!

  7. Limner,
    I meant never notice the Puerto Rico part... I will of course notice and appreciate your post card!

  8. Hi Elle, I am catching up on all our post and beautiful photos. The birds are beautiful by any name. Have a nice and peaceful New Year.


  9. Hope you have a safe trip home soon .

  10. Hi Hester! I am glad that you are enjoying my posts! I have had such a good time here and I have really been blessed with some amazing views of the birds. I hope that you had a nice holiday season and that this New Year finds you well and happy! Coming home soon and will be back where I can send mail again! Yay! So soon I can once again say "See you in the mail!" Hugs for now! Elle

  11. Phone Lady... thanks so much for the well wishes! I am looking forward to being home and back to letter writing and connecting with you and my other pen friends!I hope this New Year finds you feeling better! Take care! Elle

  12. Hello, I am a fairly new resident of the Arenal area and have been trying to locate the mechanic you mentioned in this post, Rachin. I was hoping that you might know how to locate him or if you might have a telephone number for him. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!

    rob (at) 8990ft (dot) com

    1. I will ask my husband for Rachin's contact info. I will send it to you by e-mail. He does good work, his specialty is the electrical system. We have another mechanic for tranny and motor work...His Name is Bruja. I will get this info to you as well.

    2. Also Rob, I hope you enjoy the area. We love it there. I have much info I can share with you on where to find things, who is a good dentist, people you can trust and depend on for services and a few that you can't... Let me know if you are interested and we can talk more!