Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Under the Weather...

Hi all!
  The end of summer has come and with it...Ragweed. Our air index has been in the red for most of the past several weeks. UGH!  I don't suffer much with Spring allergies (much...), but Fall with ragweed and molds, is a different story. The weather is delightful, sunny with crisp mornings and warm afternoons and I am stuck inside hiding from from airborne allergens and hugging a tissue box. I don't feel like doing ANYTHING, which is just not like me. I wish it would rain so that I could have a days reprieve and be able to enjoy the outdoors and feel like being creative.
  I am trying to get envies made so I can mail this big pile of letters I've written, but if I don't start feeling better soon I am just going to put them in regular envelopes and mail them so the recipients won't think I've forgotten them. If I owe you a letter... it will come.
  Anyone else suffer from Fall allergies? If so chime in and we can be miserable together. Y'all take care and hopefully soon I will see you in the mail!


  1. oh yes fall allergies stink as bad as spring allergies .

  2. I get bad fall allergy attacks too!! It's absolutely miserable! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

  3. It's the pits! I have spring and fall allergies, but thankfully I also have a good allergy medicine. It doesn't make me sleepy and keeps the sneezing, fuzziness, and running eyes/nose under control about 95% of the time. A quick hard freeze is the only thing that frees me from pollen and it was 102 degrees on Tuesday so I think that's a long time coming!! Feel better soon, Elle, PhoneLady, Pen Thief.

  4. My I empathize and sympathize with you, poor thing. All the ash from the fires aggravate the seasonal problems. Then a body is tired, can't think straight because it's not getting enough oxygen to the brain. Oh, just writing about it makes my ears hurt worse, and made me. :)

    Hope you feel better soon. And remember: Misery loves company 'cause company makes you feel better, and less alone. Count me among your company. :)

    Be well!