Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Incoming Mail March 2011

Here are photos of the goodies I have received in the mail during the month of March. It has been such fun to look in my POB and find these treasures in there! I opened them to discover well wishes, seeds, vintage stamps, add and passes to play with and pass on, handmade envelopes, photos, Marjolien Bastin calendar pages that are pretty enough to frame... It was really warmed my heart to receive such lovely gifts from my mailart and pen friends! Thank you all!


This envie brimming with goodness comes from Sirpa in Finland. Enclosed were several of Sirpa's fine photographs, a letter written on a Marjolien Basten Calendar and other goodies to bring cheer to the dreary March weather.
Hester in Boston, makes lovely cards and envelopes. She sent me a newsy letter and a card set. She mailed it all in a handmade envelope. I have restasked added to and sent to another pen friend. You will see her envie reborn in my outgoing mail post. The same day I received a second envelope with a recipe she meant to include with her letter. I haven't tried the recipe yet, but it sounds great!  

Wanda from British Columbia wrote me a wonderful letter and filled the envie with vintage stamps and some tomatoe seeds from Seedy Saturday, an early Spring Horticultural event in her area. I am starting some of the seed today!

Samuel Montalvetti from Argentina sent me  an"Add and Pass"booklet, a very interesting MailArt folded booklet and other goodies. He is a member of I.U.O.M.A

A package stuffed with handmade envelopes, from Patty in Virginia. She made them from Laura Ashley wall paper and offered them on her blog as a gift to anyone who wanted them. She sent Five and I have already used a couple of them in my mailings.


  1. Everything is so pretty! Artistic! Memorable! I'd keel over if my mailbox yielded such beauty.

    Am beginning to think all letter-writers are creative beings, generous by nature, and will be the saviors of the US Mail--second only to postcard writers. I deduced that from observation, plus two postal clerks told me the price of postcard stamp is increasing soon. No matter. I say "Write On, people!"

    Liking your blog here!

  2. Thanks Limner! I am glad you stopped by! Yes, people who write letters, in my experience, are generous and creative people. I am constantly amazed by how friendly and willing to share of their time and energy my pen friends are! If you send me your snail mail addy in an e-mail or comment post I'll send you something in the mail! I hope to see you in the mail!