Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Early March Outgoing Mail

Coffee Bag Envie to Angelia
Dr.Suess post card to Garci

Back of postcard to Garci

Dr. Suess envie to Misty

Back of Dr. Suess envie

Joss Paper post card to MIM

Back of post card to MIM

Watercolor collage post card to Pamela

Back of card to Pamela

There were other things that I mailed out as well, but I absent-mindedly dropped them in the box before I took pictures of them. Hope all is well and that everyone is having a good mail day!



  1. How wonderful mail!
    The card to Pamela is my absolute favourite!
    Have a good mail day you, too!

  2. Sirpa,
    Thanks! I like that one too.

  3. Hey that envelope looks familiar!! I loved it, so perfect!!

  4. I LOVE the Cat in the Hat postcard!!!!

  5. Brittany,
    if you like, I'll send you one...just e-mail me your sanil mail addy!